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LAMYA is an old, mythical creature, frequently mentioned in the Bulgarian folklore. It is also known as the female version of a dragon. According to some legends, Lamya has the body of a snake and the head of a dog. It has four legs, wings and a horn at the tip of its tale. This frightening beast guards all rivers and often sleeps on top of hidden treasures. When Lamya gets enraged, lightnings and thunders crack the skies open. Only a true born hero can try their luck fighting this incredible creature, as the common man is of no match to her strength.   



LAMYA is an ethical company. We believe all labor must be paid and everyone should work in fair, safe conditions.

For the time being, LAMYA doesn’t use third party manufacturers. All our products are hand made in our studio, in Sofia, Bulgaria.

We support the Fashion Revolution Movement, providing our customers with transparent supply chain and educating them about our work practices & materials.

We choose our suppliers carefully, ensuring they have ethical and sustainable certificates. Some of these certificates include: GOTs, OEKO-TEX, Ecovero. Around 90% of the raw materials used in our last collection are certified.

Where possible, we support artisans and small family companies. For instance, our first collection was digitally printed locally with a small Bulgarian printer company. Our recycled swing tags and cotton composition labels are also local produced in support of the small business. Our second collection features organic cotton, produced by artisanal family in Kerala, India, in collaboration with an initiative of (currently) 18 women. The idea behind this collaboration is to provide women with independent means of income and support them in their daily life.



LAMYA is committed to providing customers with clean products that do not harm the environment.

We choose our materials very carefully, that is why all our fabrics have various certificates, proving their ethical and non-toxic origin.

We use natural materials, as we believe these will biodegrade in time, leaving no trace behind.
We do not use recycled synthetics, as they still release harmful emissions during wear and can be recycled only once. We also believe that synthetics release plastic particles in the water, once they are washed, which contributes to the pollution of oceans and seas.

Talking about plastic – we believe there is too much plastic around, thus all our products are plastic free.
Our buttons are of natural origin. We are currently using corozo, as this is a left-over product of the palm tree nuts. The corozo does not require additional land to be cleaned and used. Rainforests and animal habitats do not get destroyed for the cultivation of corozo.

As zips are not bio-degradable and difficult to recycle, we have decided not to use them in our designs. The same goes for all materials of metal origin.

We print digitally, as for the time being digital print saves more than 75% more water than any other printing technique. Our suppliers provide us with certificates indicating that the ink is not harmful for the environment or on the human skin.
We are not involved and we do not support production or handling of harmful and toxic substances.

The label is also involved with a tree planting initiative in order to provide CO2 free shipping, whereas all our packing and labels are recyclable.

We regularly update and inform our customers and supporters about our causes and lifestyle sustainable practices, through our social media channels.


LAMYA has never used and will never use fur.
All our fabrics and materials are of vegetable origin.

Because we do not use plastic and synthetic fibers, all our products are sea life friendly.

We have a small selection of 100% vegan styles, which we aim to expand. The reason why the rest of the products are not label as vegan, is that recycled glue was used in the production and we are currently unable to guarantee that it is 100% animal origin free. As you can see, we prefer to be open and honest with our clients.

The label supports various animal charitable causes. In 2021 we became “protectors of the wild bears” as we participated in WWF Bulgaria’s “Save the Wild Bears” campaign.
However, the cause closest to our hearts, is our adoptive cat Mini, which we rescued back in 2014. 


This company believes in the ultimate and unquestionable equality of people of all racial, ethnic and religious backgrounds. We condemn discrimination based on any physical features.

Understanding that people “come” in all shapes and sizes, we have concentrated on the design of more convertible and smart products. The majority of our clothes are adjustable in key body areas, providing customers with more options when it comes to comfortability & fit.  

Our materials have the following certificates

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